Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silver Dresser

Sorry the projects have been slim lately.  We promise to post more regularly. 
We are still getting into the swing of things of owning and operating
a shop.    In case some of you missed it, 
Emily and I just opened a consignment store with a friend.  
Read more about it HERE.

This was a custom project for a friend.  I had intended on using a low profile dresser for her, 
but once I got started... the drawers were not in good enough shape for alot of use.  
So I used the low one for a project  at our store.  (Absolute Vintage Boutique). 

This higher dresser was in terrific shape.  The man I bought it from said
he has had it since he was 5.  He was in his 50's.  I love the stripe down the front
and we decided to work that into the design.  I also painted the legs black.

I sanded and primed.  
I then painted it black and then dry brushed on the silver.
Its the same paint I used HERE.
I then painted in the stripe down the center.  

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! I just used silver paint today for the first time and I love it!! Can't wait to use it again!
    How cool is the stripe?!! Glad you kept it in the design!
    Well done!


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