Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock Off: Butterfly Cafe Pillow

Butterfly Cafe Lumbar Pillow Cover, 16 x 26"
Pottery Barn Butterfly Cafe Pillows

Em and I were talking the other day about Pottery Barn and future blog post ideas and,  I said "have you seen that butterfly on the cover?"  She said "OMG I am going to make that."  "I said no...I was going to make that."  Instead of our weekly cuss out!  I said lets see who can make it better!!  Thus you have our 1st of many sisterly competitions.  We work the same pretty much so we both started with our old favorite...the overhead projector. 

We each made transpearancies from the magazine and penciled in our butterfly designs on drop cloth.

We both began painting our dark color with acrylic paints.  I (Amy) used a a dark brown and Em used black. 

We then began shading in with yellows and blue.

We sewed the back of the pillow on and made it so it could be removed.  We heat set the paint so that it could be washed.

Here is where the FUN begins.  What is at STAKE?  Bragging rights and something else that we can say

that we are better at!!  Did I mention that Emily and I are very competitive!!   
Please join in the fun and comment on which pillow you like better.  #1 or #2.



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