Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Growth Chart on old Closet Panel

I have had this Pottery Barn Wall Art on canvas since my oldest son, Dawson, was a baby. 
He will be 12 next week.  I still have it hanging in my youngest boys' room.
  It was my inspiration for my latest project. 
I made this for my cousin's baby shower.  She is expecting her first baby in September.
Her nursery theme just happens to be rockets.

My brother gave me 2 of these closets panels
that he had left over from his home remodel.
I painted it Navy and used various shades from her nursery colors.

I freehanded the rockets.  I used a scrapbook stencil for the stars.
I used a lid for the planets, and freehanded the rings.  I used a ruler to mark the lines.
I like to use a portable board so you can always take those line marks with you.
I don't know about you guys, but our parents just put little mark on the wall with our name by it
in the home we grew up in.  They have since moved so we all those marks are lost.

I also have one on canvas.  I prefer the board,
because its much easier to keep it accurate. 
Its almost impossible to hang the canvas growth chart in the same place. 
And when you have twins....EVERY millimeter counts!!
Now my cousin will always have a cherished
keepsake which is always the best kind of shower gift.

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