Monday, January 9, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint vs. Homemade Chalk Paint

We have so many projects to share with you in 2012.  I am so excited.  I have also decided that in
my busy, and hectic life its time to get fit and healthy too.  After our 1st holiday season of owning a store, and keeping up with kids I was worn out!!  I have been on the go alot, and thus started eating more and more fast food and Holiday Goodies which added on some extra pounds I didnt need.  So...
I decided to take the 90 day body by Vi challenge.  I am saying it out loud so I have to stick to it!!
I have learned that resolutions don't work for me so its a plan layed out in 90 days.!!  Wish me luck and if anyone else would like to join me visit HERE.  

Now on to one of my favorite redo's i have ever done. 
Sorry the pictures just don't do this one justice.  I am having camera issues.

Black & Modern to Cool & Rustic

My good friend from grade school came into the store and  bought this black cabinet.
It was the perfect size, but the wrong color.  She also wanted it to look rustic.  
She also needed it in a week for a new years eve party!!  I was ready for the challenge

Sorry about my pics.  My camera is on its last leg.  
My friend sent these below after they
displayed all of their cool fireman memorabilia on it.

I first painted the black cabinet with a cream color of homemade chalk paint.
I had a mistint that I got at ACE for $4

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe
1.5 cups paint
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup plaster of paris

To my surprise...I have to say that I don't notice any difference 
between my homemade chalk paint and Annie Sloan. 
I have gone through several quarts of ASCP.  I was very reluctant to even try, because her chalk paint is
soo awesome I didn't think that it could be replicated, but it can.  I love all of her colors, but love having more choices with the homemade variety like Chocolate Brown. 
I then made some chocolate brown Chalk Paint from some Ralph Lauren Paint I already had.
I painted it all chocolate then distressed with mouse sander.  
It goes on a little less smooth than Annie Sloan, but that is because of some of the slight coarseness of the
plaster of paris.  I had intended on buying some calcium carbonate from the health store, but never made it and was in home depot so convenience won out.
  I sanded and distressed the entire piece which eliminated any grit so it also sands just like the real thing too.  
I then put Annie Sloan Dark Wax all over.  Annie Sloan wax CANNOT be
replicated and I HIGHLY recommend.  The finish can not be beat, and its 

I changed out the hardware for some rustic copper pulls.  
The ones on the cabinet were just standard wooded knobs.

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