Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Wall Art Birthday Gift for BFF on a Budget

I wanted to do something special for my friends bday.  We are on a VERY tight budget so...
 it truely is the THOUGHT and all the LOVE I put into this homemade gift that REALLY counts...
not the pricetag!

I picked up the frame at the goodwill for 75cents. 
I painted it with Brookside Moss by Benjamin Moore
                            and then glazed it with Ralph Lauren glaze tinted with expresso bean.

I grabbed some scrapbook paper for my background.  I ironed my scraps to some wonder under and started freehand cutting.  You could also use your silhouette.  I then cut a branch out from the brown and white polka dot fabric.  Some birds, and an "H".  I ironed them in place and I was done.

                                             It turned out great!!!  My friend was soo happy.

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