Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P.O.S. to a Fabulous Mini Bar

We jokingly referred to this eyesore as the P.O.S. table. 
My friend picked it up at a garage sale for me for $3. 
Gotta love it when your friends start treasure hunting for you!

The piece was solid, but covered in some type of plastic tortoise patterned veneer. UGLY!

The top was in horrible shape, and someone had actually recovered the chipped drawers in
another layer of brown sticky plastic!  But...I still saw the beauty and potential.  Nothing scares us.
I bought these 5 tiles at Menard's for $1.98 a piece.  I used a special grout & glue combo on them. 
I put the marble tiles as close together as possible and filled in the grout with the glue.
  I had to move the top trim piece up to cover the side of the tile.
I painted the piece in the color "Lamb's Wool".  I sanded and distressed.
I then glazed with Ralph Lauren Glaze tinted with" Expresso Bean".

I used some extra Pottery Barn Drawer Pulls I already had for the drawers,
and just painted the bottom door pulls..  I also added trim to the
top drawers to cover the chips and holes.

Even my kids commented and asked if that was the same table.
For me that is saying something if you can impress a 10yr old boy with a furniture redo!!

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