Monday, February 28, 2011

Ballard Design Knock-Off: Newspaper Dress from Sewing Patterns

                                 FACT OF THE DAY  Brontophobia:  The fear of thunderstorms (em has this)

I had this big old frame 28x34 and a Ballard Design Catalog in front of me.  I was ready to do my first knock-off.  I just love this cute dress, but not the price tag.

I painted the back of this very old frame.  It was originally a mirror that had broke.  I got this from my in-laws historic hotel in downtown KC called the Savoy.  If that only that old mirror could have talked...  All the faces and stories it had seen.  Back to my project.  I painted the backing "creamy" by sherwin williams.

I thought it would only be fitting to use some old patterns for the dresss.  On the skirt I used the actual pattern and the envelopes.

I cut all my pieces and glued down with waters down gem-tac.  I cut a big #3 for the belt buckle to add a little something different to my version.

Here they are side by side...What do you think?


              Ballard Designs $299                              VS.      Sisters of the Wild West - PRICELESS

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