Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poster Bed Makeover

This is another classic before and after! 
The best part I got this bed for $2 at a garage sale!
I gave it two coats of a Benjamin Moore "MISTINT" Satin Impervo Paint.  It was oil based. 
I always check the mistints first.  Since I discovered this I hardly ever buy paint retail!
Another tip I recently read is that most paint stores run a 40% off sale once a month.  You can stock up on
base colors and have it tinted later when you know what color you need.  This would work perfect for projects that you need more paint.

This story gets even better.  We already SOLD the bed, and had 3 backups.  We love refinishing furniture.  It is becoming our side business on top of keeping up with our 11 children!!   Like so many others in this economy our family budget is TIGHT! SO...helping out financially is very important.  We have transformed several CURB ALERTS or pay $5 or less, so that we are not straining the family budget.  It is so easy to get caught in the spending money to make money cycle.  Plus when you only pay $5 or less there is no pressure to sell an item for a big price.  Its a win/win! 
We love being stay-at-home moms,
 and the flexibility of this job helps keep that the priority.
Here is the LOW DOWN:
We only paid $2 for this solid, real wood piece, and we sold it for $75 on craigslist the day we listed it.  We also sold our Union Jack Table, and Bench.  We see alot of other bloggers talking about selling their pieces, but rarely do We see how much they sold thier items for.  Money is a funny thing and many don't like to talk about it.  We always want to know that info.  Its so hard to price pieces sometimes.  So next time you are at a sale, pondering and questioning if there is any profit in a piece...BUY IT!! or we just might! 
Hope this info helps someone out there. 

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