Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to School Desk

I have had this desk since I was a senior in High School. 
Its very sentimental to me.  It was the 2nd piece of furniture
I ever bought with my own money. 
It was also the first piece I ever refinished,
I used it all through high school and college,
and then I gave it to my brother. 
He used it all through high school and college,
and has been in my parents guest bedroom ever since. 
I soooo wish I had a pic of how it looked when I
purchased it 17 some years ago.  I stripped it and sanded.
I also bought it new hardware  Its was all stained up. 
I think it had been in someones garage with various chemicals spilled on it,. 
It was solid oak, and under my Dad's guidance all oak should be stained
what else...golden oak!  So this poor desk has been trapped in 80's hell for almost 20 yrs.

She is now saved!  I painted the top with some school type words. 
I was inspired by my library table that I refinished HERE
I painted the bottom with old white chalk paint and sanded and distressed.
I just love the look of the dark stained wood
with black letters mixed with the white distressed bottom.  YUMMY!
I spray painted the hardware with oil rubbed bronze.  I used word to rub and trace on my words.

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