Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling old towels

I had 3 bath towels that had stains on them, but otherwise were in really good shape so I decided to turn them into my next project.

I folded each towel in half and cut into 1.5 in strips. 

I cut up each towel.   They were all about the same size towel.

I am sure many of you are saying "where is her rotary cutter?"  I don't have one so I did this old school.

Once everything is cut I sewed 3 strips, one of each color together.

Then get those fingers warmed up because there was A LOT of braiding going on.  I folded the raw edges to the inside to minimize freying.

After you braid one set of strips you sew on another.  and another ...and another Until you have a giant long braided rope of towels.

I then twisted the center and wrapped it around as I hand stiched the rows into place.

I stiched it all together on the back with a heavy duty needle and some thread and then your are finished.

Have a great DAY!!

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