Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Printable Pattern and Tutorial: Upcycled Jeans into an Adult Military Hat with flower AND GIVEAWAY!!!

I was inspired by the blog Crafterhours .  She did a three part tutorial on making a military hat for her daughter.  The math on making your own hat to fit about fried my brain.  They are ALOT smarter than I am.  I don't have clue how she came up with that equation, but I am here to tell you that it works.  After I did the math for from her brilliant equation I traced them and you can print them off below unless you want to have a custom fit hat follow her equation here.

hat rise pattern pieces

hat top and brim pattern pieces

Would you like to win this hat?  Three chances to win.  Drawing ends Thursday Feb. 3rd at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Friday Feb. 4th.  
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                                               Now for the how-to of making your own hat.

 I got out an old pair of jeans and cut one leg off and opened it up by cutting down the inner seam.

 Fold once and then again.
 Place hat top pattern piece in the corner with the folds. 

Place hat rise pattern piece on another fold.
                                                           Here are your two outside pieces.
 I cut another piece of the hat rise out of this fun high heeled fabric.
 Then I pinned a piece of black sequin ribbon to the rise piece.  Make sure to pin at least .5 in from bottom and top.
 I sewed down the ribbon.  Then sew the ends of the rise piece together matching whatever embellishments you attached and sew together right sides together into a loop.
 Then attach the hat top.  Pin in place.  And sew.  I had to trim my hat piece a little bit, but I already trimmed that off of my pattern piece.  I also rounded my courners a little to make sure that I had a nice even oval.
 I trimmed the seam allowance.  Repeat the above steps with your lining fabric.
 I layed  my hat top on a piece of paper to make my pattern piece for the brim.  
                      Cut two piece from the jeans and  and one from a stiffner.  I used a heavy duty stabilizer.  Sew around the outside edges with right sides together.  Turn right side out and tuck in the stabilizer.

Sew around the hat rim with the stabiler tucked inside a few times.

Pin the hat brim to the outside of the hat turned rightside out.  Put the hat lining over the top of the at so right sides are together and sew along edge of hat.  Leave an opening at the back to flip hat right side out.  I then made a satin flower to add to top of my hat.  Come back tomorrow for that "how-to"

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