Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Towel Wrap

I recently participated in the pattern remix at Me Sew Crazy
In case you missed it here was my project.
 We were asked to do a "pattern remix" of any pattern. 
  I found mine at @ Sew4Home
Its a super cute towel wrap.
I actually got to kill 2 birds with one stone on this project. 
 I needed a graduation gift for my cousin, and a great
blog project.

Here is what you need.
1 yard of terry cloth
16-20 in. of non-roll elastic
scrap fabric

The original post used 8" binding. 
It also had a pocket and shoulder straps. 
Here is the pattern pic that I based mine off of.
Click to Enlarge
I used a ruffle instead of binding and no shoulder strap.

You start by placing the elastic in the back so you get a snug fit.
See the original post HERE for directions. 
The only thing I modified was that I serged the edge of my towel
and only folded over once.  I didn't want the thickness of a double fold.
I then made my ruffle that I used instead of the binding.

I used a strip that was 88 in. by 2.5.  I folded in half and sewed
with a basting stitch so that I could gather for my ruffle.
I pinned and sewed in place.

I repeated with terry cloth for the bottom edge.

I also added velco on the top like in the original post.  See pictured below.

Click to Enlarge

I added a monogram. I used my embroidery machine, but you could easily use a
silhoutte or print a letter from your computer and applique.

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