Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chirpy Chippy Cabinet

I love how fun and cheerful this turned.

I snapped this before picture after I had removed the doors and the carpet covered cardboard side panels.  Say that fast...
I almost passed up this piece.  It was one of the only things left at an estate sale.  The house was almost empty and it was tucked inside a closet.  It had a bunch of junk that no wanted on top of it.  I walked by it several times before I really noticed it.
I replaced them with solid wood.  You can't see in this picture, but the legs had been eaten up by some little critter.  I sanded ALOT, and then reshaped with some wood filler.  I then painted the entire piece with my homemade white chalk paint, like I did HERE.  
I had intended on painting the entire piece pink, but thought it looked so great white I changed plans.  I decided to just paint the legs pink and my two little birds in pink. I used my overhead projector to put on my design.  I combined two different images I found on the web for my birds.
I distressed and then used a little dark wax. 
 I then did two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax.

It didn't last long at Absolute Vintage Boutique.
Its already sold.

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