Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Home Decor: Chipboard Letter Tutorial

I went to Hobby Lobby for fabric and came out with fabri AND these chipboard letters.  They were 40%OFF.  I thought that was a great deal.

I started by painting each letter a different color.  I painted the backs and side a color.  I painted the tops white.

I decieded to cover them in some bright colored fabric from my stash!  I just used some scraps.  I played around with differnt combinations until i found one that I loved.  (notice the first letter is already covered in fabric...I didn't like the look because I forgot to paint the top white so I painted it and recovered.)

I traced each letter onto paper and then pinned the paper to each fabric and cut.

I then mod podged the fabric onto the letters.  I did two coats.  One to attach the fabric and a top coat to make the letters shiny.

I hund the letters from some denim from an old pair of jeans.  I cut two 100 in pieces.  One of 2.5 in and one was 1.5 in. wide.  I serged the edges.

I then sewed a basting stich down the center and ruffled both pieces.  I then top stitched them in place.

I then hotglued some yo-yos on some of the letters and hot glued the chipboard to my denim ruffle.
Here is the YO YO TUTORIAL that I used.

Here is a close up of the different colored side.  I wish that the letters would have been a little thicker to show off the pops of color.  But at 1.06 a letter I got over it.

A close up of the letters

It was an awesome 70 degrees today here in Kansas so I am ready for SPRING!!

I kept moving it around the house until I found where I wanted it.  I hung it across our front window, but I didn't like the denim hanging down the middle of the window.  So I twisted the ends into little rosettes around the nail I hung it with.


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