Sunday, August 28, 2011

PotteryBarn "Eschenlohr Probst" Knock-off Sign

Pottery Barn

I have been in love with this sign since I saw it in the potterybarn catalog in July. 
Its not even on their website anymore because its already sold out.  So..
I snapped a photo of my catalog. 
I called PB as soon as this came out to see what it said
  No one at PB knew what it meant,
Nor could they even tell me what the letters on the bottom were. 
They were not in stock so they told me to call back in 10 days.
They sold out of this $999 cast iron sign before they even came in. 
So if anyone has one or knows who has one please let me know what it says.

I started with a piece of wood

I used a bowl to curve the edges and cut with my saw.
I used my overhead projector like I did HERE, HERE, and HERE
I used acrylic craft paint on the sign. Then stained and distressed.

See those wine bottles?  They covered 3 letters in the bottom word in the catalog. 
So I stratigically placed my wine bottles too.  I searched several german websites,
but with no luck on a word that matched the letters that i had.

Here is Em's sign.  No... thats not a pottery barn pic, it Em's living room.
Pretty Awesome knock-off !!  I can brag for my sister.
I know what I want for Christmas. 

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