Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chevron Handbag Tutorial

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I taught myself to I am positive there is a better way to do this.  I am sure there is some quilters trick, but I just winged it.  I was inspired by this quilters block post at Bijou Lovely 
I started by following that post and sewed together my strips.  Mine were 2.5 by the length of fabric. 
There was a lot of waste once I cut a few strips and I knew that I needed more, and I didn't have a lot of fabric to waste. is what I did.

After I pieced my first 6 strips together I couldn't get my bag pattern piece to fit...%$#**.  I was not happy and had to get out THE RIPPER!!!  Son of .*&$#@.

So I grabbed a single piece and cut out all the pieces I needed.  You have to cut half with your piece flipped so the angles are right.  Then i sewed all my little piece together.  Very backwards I am sure, but it worked for me and I had enough fabric.

Ready to sew the bag.  For my bag pattern I started with a 10x19 rectangle.  I cut a 2x2 square out of the bottom corners.  I then cut from the outer corner in two inches to the top the angle it in.  My zipper was only 16in.  So my top measurement was 15inches.

I added some loops so that I could attach my bamboo handles.

Place your zipper face down on top of front and then your liner.  Repeat and do to the other side.

this is how it should look once your zipper is sewn.

Open up you zipper half way.  Then place fronts sides together and lining pieces together.  Sew all around the edge leaving an opening at the bottom of the liner and the corner.

See illustration below, and close the corners.

Flip  bag right sides out. 
Close opening.
Flip in liner and attach your handles.

I added some rosettes to the front.  I cut 3 strips out of the liner fabric.  Just twist and hot glue to felt.
  I made it detachable.  I also attached a little pearl from some old jewelry. 


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