Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Major Garage Sale Scores!!
Nightstand $2
2 Signs $1
Large Frame $2
Down Pillow 50 cents
Shower Curtain 50 cents
Bread Box $5
Heart Frame $1

TOTAL $12.00

Stayed tuned for my Nightstand Makeover. 
I plan on using the bread box as a charging station for my phones AFTER a paint job. 
 I will be painting NEW signs,
and I will be making a cute pillow cover with my shower curtain!

Have a beautiful DAY!!

Boot Storage Bag

My friend was bragging about how much she loved the storage bag that came with her Cole Haan boots. 
I saw it and thought what a FABULOUS idea!  

Because...my non-designer boots didnt come with one,  I decided to make them one! 
 They are always taking up space in the closet, because they are a style that fold over.

I made the bag out of canvas drop cloth.  I sewed in two pockets with a flap,
and then two hanging straps with velcro.

I painted on a little detailing with black paint.

POOF!!  My very own designer storage bag! Even if the boots arent! 

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