Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glittered Felt Snow Flower

This is a super easy flower to make.  You can attach it to a hair clip, or a pin to be worn on a sweater or jacket.  I just love glitter.  If I could add a little to everything I WOULD!!

The picture doesn't quite do this sparkly baby justice.

Cut 4 squares that measure 3x3 out of any color of felt.  Then cut around the edges into a flower shape.

 I use Gem-Tac glue on everything.  It dries fast and glues stuff on ANYTHING.
 Dab a little on the outside edges of the felt and then sprinkle with glitter.  I use Martha Stewart Glitter.  Its the best.

                                                      Stack the 3 flowers on top of one another.
With a needle and thread sew an X in the middle of the flowers.  Pull the string tight to gather those gorgeous flowers.

 Then cut the last flower into a spiral.  I like to vary the width of the spiral as I cut.  It gives the flower character.
                                             Then start at the outside and roll up the felt.
                                                                Keep winding....
                                              And poof....a perfect little flower top.
                                              Here is the back side.
                                                Then i sew the layers together to keep them in place.

                                                     Now I put a little glue on a place.
                                                     I dab a little onto the edges and sprinkle with more glitter.
 I grabbed a clip covered in ribbon. And then hot glued it to the clip.

                                            Glue it while it is very hot to get the best attachment.
                                                  And then you are done!!!

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