Friday, July 29, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Desk

I was inspired by this beautiful Flamenco Shower Curtain by Anthropologie.

Can you believe I got this awesome desk off of craigslist for FREE! 
I painted the desk with some Behr sample colors from Home Depot. 
I used Pear, Fairway Mist, Reef Green, & Majestic Mint.
I put on a clear coat of clear wax to seal. 

My little birdie got a fresh white makeover with white high gloss spray paint.
I also used this on the drawer pulls.

Never in a million years could i get my 3yr and 2yr old
to pose like this for "real" shot of them.  As I was snapping pics of the
desk  Lola crawled over and was touching my freshly painted bird.
After all that I forgot to put my cute little bird in the first
 few pics.  Em is soo much better at staging than I am.
This is really all I had to work with. 
The desk is very solid and HEAVY,
so I couldn't move it anywhere else myself.
Of course the coloring was more true
 in the pics without the bird.  I had to repaint the bird.
After all that the sun was shining and, the best pic I had was with the kids.
Don't look to close.  I had to photo shoot them out of the best pic!
  Happy FRIDAY!!

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