Friday, September 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink Take Two!

This was a quick and painless project.  I got a pair of plain old school chairs for $2 at a sale. 
I used some leftover pink that I had from this project HERE

                                I painted it, added some polka dots, and a little distressing magic. 
                                         Now this chair is too cute and ready for a new home. 
                                       I can't wait to do the other one.  I think I will try another color.  
                                      I love how it turned out, and polka dots are a lot of fun.


  1. Too cute. Love the polka dot detail but it's screaming polka dots in your face. So perfect for a girls room and who can resist a school chair. Love it.

  2. Oops - i meant it's NOT screaming polka dots in your face, subtle and lovely.

  3. ohhhh love the color and the distressing, so pretty!

  4. That chair is adorable with the painted polka dots!

  5. love it! it came out so cute- love the vision you had for it!

  6. Just want to let you know that your fabulous beach property nightstand is posted on this weekend's coastal mix. Good to see some beachiness coming from the "Wild West"! You guys are so talented!!

  7. LOVE polka dots! This chair is adorable.


  8. I seriously love this....the polka dots, color, distressing...everything is so pretty!!

  9. that chair is adorable!! just looking at the first pictures brought back so many memories of elementary school;)

    happy weekend!


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