Friday, August 5, 2011

Cute as A Button

When Em sent me the pics for todays post I couldn't wait to open
them and see what she did with this table.  Talk about FABULOUS!!!
  Since I have 4 girls this piece will be coming home with me!

I got this nightstand/side table at a garage sale for $3.
It was in good shape and was only missing the knob.

I just couldn't help myself with this one.  I live in a home of all boys, so I
really wanted to make something girly.  I have been hoarding saving this Martha
Stewart Bandana paper for something special.  I started by painting the whole thing white.

I cut all my pieces to fit the top and bottom.

I glued the paper down with watered down tacky glue and then
sealed with a few coats of polycrylic.  It dries totally clear.

I also added this cute little bunting to the backing.  I LOVE me some bunting!!


  1. OMG! That is adorable. Too bad you cant make a bunch of them, they'd sell like hot cakes! Love, Love, LOVE!

  2. SIMPLY ADORABLE!!! What a great idea:-)

  3. Totally cute! My girls would love it too. The bunting in the back was totally inspired!

  4. OMG Emily that is the cutest thing ever and the most creative use of the bandana paper, the bunting is to die for even on it's own and then your placement on the back is honestly the smartest, freshest idea ever! MS should be proud of you for your inventive, out of the box thinking with her paper.

  5. so adorably sweet :) awesome job - totally transformed!

  6. This is super cute! What a great idea!

  7. awesome!!!! LOVE the bandana paper. Okay, fine. I NEED TO GO BUY SOME POLYCRYLIC!!!! Thanks for giving me the push I needed. Good job!!!!

  8. This is soooooo cute! Sometimes I'm so amazed at the transformation. I'm pretty sure I would have walked right by that nightstand in it's pre-fabulous state! I love the bunting...great job!

  9. Adorable!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. Sooo Cute!! And fabulous that you could see the potential in that old nightstand. :0)

  11. Cute makeover! I have one sitting outside, though adding legs would be cute. I just need to bring it in.


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