Friday, April 15, 2011

Table Makeover

Remember by Table from Tuesday? 
My friend gave me this table that someone left in thier rental property. 
 Lets just say it was FILTHY, like dog doo filthy!  I saw potential and afterall it was FREE!

I cleaned, and cleaned some more.  Then sanded it all down.

I painted it white and stained the top with dark walnut. Wait until you see the beauty of the top!  GORGEOUS!

I sanded it up nice and good to antique it.  Then wiped it with wax. 
 The wood was very dry so it completely absorbed the wax.

I also gave Mr. Squirrel a few coats of white gloss spray paint.

               Before                     &                  After

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  1. Gorgeous!! I'm so not brave enough to mess with furniture :-/

  2. Oh I love it!! The detail on the top is soooo cute! You did a great job! Love that little squirrel too! I've been looking for cute figurines like that every time I go to Goodwill!

  3. love the table and the staging... beautiful

  4. a coat of white paint and dark stain makes everything more beautiful, huh? you did a fantastic job! who knew that little inset detail was so beautiful? i love it!

  5. SO SO pretty! Love it! Just popping over from TT&J :)

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love everything about this post.
    First off, HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT SQUIRREL? totally going to the dollar store and finding one for myself.
    Secondly, the table rocks. Good for you for seeing past the grime & dirt and making something anyone would swoon for!!

  7. The whole thing...Insanely Beautiful!

  8. Absolutely hands down a beautiful transformation! Score on knowing the right people to get a free table!

  9. I can't wait to do that type of finish on my kitchen table. I have 2 projects ahead of it, so it's not going to get done until at least the middle of the summer,but I'm SO looking forward to it. I really can't wait to see the look on my husband's face when I get it done. Making something over for little cost really floats my boat!
    Fondly, Tami

  10. Amazing make over! I didn't even notice the little inlay strip in the before shot. It really brought it out when you refinished it. Lovely!

  11. What a great transformation!! It looks beautiful. I am new to your blog and I am oh so glad that I found it!!

  12. Such a difference- LOOOOVE the transformation! And the squirrel is SO cute :) Would love for you to link this up :)

    Lolly Jane

  13. Beautiful! Love the two toned look. And what a lovely photo shoot as well!


  14. gorgeous results....from doo doo to darling!

  15. I love how the table turned out, it's fabulous! Mr. Squirell is pretty cute too! ;)

  16. LOVE it!! Turned out so pretty. And I'm in shock with the squirell....makes me want to take a can of white spray paint to lots of fun items!! Very cool!

  17. I LOVE it!!! I'm a sucker for distressed furniture! :) visiting from Beneath my Heart

  18. You did a wonderful job transforming this table!
    I have a coffee table with some inlay that I am going to redo and was wondering if you did anything special to it?
    Great job!


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