Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Sister Style

It is spring break this week in Kansas.  My sister, Emily came over to help me paint my laundry room.  Remember when I talked about it HERE.   It was a beautiful day outside, and we thought we would let the kids play (11 of them) while we did a little work. 

Here is how the day REALLY went.  Emily arrived and the kids were hungry.  We whipped up some taco and quesadillas. 
1st Conversation
EM:  "This cabinet is a mess. 
AMY:  I said "I know"
EM:  " You keep cooking the kids lunch and I will organize this "a little"!

Here is one way that Emily and I are VERY different.  She is very organized and good at it.  I am not organized at all.  I just "know" where stuff is.  It drives my husband nuts, and Emily.  So she just couldn't help herself.  She started here.  I was a bad blogger and I don't have a before pic.  Lets just say it was a cluttered mess of junk, junk mail, and papers, and anything else i could stash!
The top shelf in this pic was full of wine glasses and margarita glasses that never got used. 

2nd Conversation
EM:  Emily said lets move them to the pantry. 
AMY: My panty is a mess and is also disorganized too. 

So when she opened that door it let to some more organizing.  Once again no before pic, but just imagine any type of food on any shelf. 

3rd Conversation:
Em:  This craft stuff should be in our craft room.
AMY:  I know...sometimes i finish a project up here and then stash it in my cabinet.
EM:  Lets take these to the craft room.
AMY:  My craft room is pretty messy right now.  I have been working on some projects and haven't picked up yet.
THAT LED TO....MORE ORGANIZING that didn't get finished.

  We never finished the craft room.   See in the corner where there is a big empty spot.  A bed was there. 

4th Conversation:
EM:  This bed is so cute.  It should be in your girl's room.
AMY:  I know.  Lets move it.

We then moved the beds around. the process this happened. 

EM:  This carpet is ugly. 
AMY:  I said I know.  It has wood floor underneath.  Lets rip it up. So we ripped up the carpet.

So...My laudry room is still ugly and Now you can wait for ANOTHER ROOM reveal coming soon!  Its fun to start with a clean slate!


  1. How fun! EM?! will you be my sister and come get me motivated {lol} Can't wait to see what you do with this clean slate :)

  2. My sister is like this...always cleaning and organizing! I'm the total opposite!!LOL
    I love your 2nd conversation:

    "My 'panty' is a mess...." :)


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