Thursday, January 20, 2011

Repurposed: Men's plaid shirt into girls ruffled skirt

I turned my husband's favorite shirt into a skirt for my daughter.

I started by cutting the shirt into strips.  I made this for my daugher that is 2.  She wears a size 3t.  You need one strip for the waistband which was 3' x 40'
You also need three more pieces that measure 3'x40.
You then need two 5'x80 strips (i had to sew some peices together)
And another strip that is 5' x 120'.  I had orignally planned on only have 2 ruffled layers, but had to add a third row of ruffles because once everything was gathered it was a little too short.  The last ruffle I used was solid black because i didn't have enough plaid.

I sewed one of the 3'x40' pieces together in a loop.  Then I folded the loof in half and sewed all the way around leaving an opening for the elastic.
                                                 ThenI sewed a 1/4 hem on my 5' inch pieces.  Also,I am no expert.  I am self taught. So....if you prefer doing this in another order...then do that.

I then sewed a basting stich and then gathered the fabic.

                                I then pinned the gathered piece to another of the 3'x40 in strips and sewed together.  Make sure that you put right sides together.  I learned the hard way when i realized one of my ruffles pieces was sewn with the hem facing up.

I wanted to add a little flair to the skirt so i added a 120in long piece of black toile that i bought at hobby lobby.
I folded it in half and then sewed a 1/4 down on the folded side with a basting stich.  I then gathered the fabic and sewed it to my 3x40 inch piece between my waistband and 1st tier ruffle.

I hope that I am making sense here.  My brain may not function like the rest of you after 6
                                                 Then repeat your layers and sew together.

This picture looks confusing, and isn't very good.  I am a newbie blogger so please work with me as a learn to document "EVERY" step with a picture.

                          After all of your layers are sewn together insert elastic and sew closed. 
Then you are finished.  And your little one is ready to dance!!
                                     I wanted a coordinating shirt to match this fun little skirt soo....              I cut 5 3/4in. strips that were about 20in long and serged the sides.  If   you don't have  a serger you can cut the strips with some pinking shears.   It looks just as cute.

  I sewed a basting stitch down the center and then gather into a ruffle.
I arranged the strips how i wanted them pinned them in place and then sewed down the center being careful not to sew through the back side of the shirt.
Here is a close up of the shirt.  You can use any fabric to this.  Just sew a few strips on any shirt.  I got this turtleneck from oldnavy before christmas for about $3.  I just love how the ruffles look.  It really pulls everything together.



  1. You seriously have some awesome skills! Her outfit turned out great!

  2. This is absolutely darling! I love how it looks and adding the tulle in between really glams it up! :)
    Great job.

  3. Love this! Featured it today on!


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