Thursday, August 16, 2012

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Absolute Vintage Milk Paint

I told all of you that I would have a big announcement coming soon. longer.  
We have been working since January on our own line of  milk paint.
Its nothing new...and has been all over blog land lately.  It has been a dream of ours for a long time.
Its Absolute Vintage Milk Paint.
Notice that our "brown" shade is named "Wild West"
Our paint is environmentally safe and made in the USA!!

Here is one of our featured pieces using two of our colors.

Here is a DIY tutorial of how to use Absolute Vintage Milk Paint.
Our Milk Paint is available at our store Absolute Vintage Boutique in Wichita, KS.
Our paint is a trusted 100 yr old formula designed especially for furniture.
Its environmentally safe and very easy to use.
Milk paint was recently featured on ABC's Good Afternoon America.

We have 17 colors to choose from.

I used the colors "Tuxedo" and "Picket Fence" for this project.

Before Pic of dresser.
The best pieces to finish are nice and sturdy.  
The beauty of our paint is that no prep work is required.
Simply follow these easy steps. (And yes... this small cup did the entire dresser)!

 Paint onto piece.  
It does not go on perfectly smooth.  
There will be bumps.  Don't worry!  
It also dries lighter in color.

The beauty as the paint dries.  Some places are already chippy.
I painted two drawers with "picket fence" doing the same steps above.

Distress entire piece with fine (220 grit) sand paper.

Then seal with wax.  On this piece I sealed with 
Absolute Vintage Black Wax.  We also have clear, brown, liming (whitewashed).
Wax protects the paint.  
By using different colors of wax you can change the look of the paint colors.

Absolute Vintage Milk Paint available HERE online.
Or at our store @ 7722 W. Maple Wichita, KS 67209

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