Just Paint It!

I had absolutely no budget, but despised my 80's bathroom. 
It was soo outdated I just couldnt take it any longer. 
 So I just painted EVERYTHING!!!
See my faucets remember when I spray painted them HERE
They still look great.
I made the shower curtain with drop cloth and scraps that I had on hand. 
I just added  few rows of ruffles.
Basically this makeover only cost me $20 for the countertop paint. 
All of the other paint and fabric, and wood was from other projects.

I painted over the tile with Country Grey Chalk Paint and the waxed with clear wax. 
I painted the mirror with old white chalk paint, distressed and waxed. 
I painted the countertops with Rustoleum's Countertop Paint. AWESOME! 
FYI -Apply with a small foam roller!!
The color was "earth".  It is awesome, but smelly.  I have already painted
the neon green/lime countertops is the laundry room. 
Remember that ugly room.  See it here.
I will have another reveal ASAP.  The countertops were holding me up!

I painted the walls and ceiling with "old Salem Grey".

I painted the cabinents with "provence" chalk paint.  I then disressed and used clear wax.

I left these doors off to open up the space and give me a ploace for some personal touches.

I spray painted all the hardware with oil rubbed bronze.

Here is a sign i made too.  The lighting is bad so I will post some better pics tomorrow.

The room has a fresh new look, and a little bit of a beachy feel.
I love how it turned out.


  1. You've done a wonderful job of revamping the bathroom! The cupboard looks lovely with those doors left off, a great idea.

  2. Great re-do sisters! I got my first can of chalk paint in the mail yesterday and already painted a tray... guess what I'm doing today.... yep, painting something! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Susan @ homeroad

  3. I did not know there was paint for counters. Our new home (we have not even moved yet) has blue in the bathrooms and green in the kitchen. Now I cannot wait to paint them until we have the funds to replace them. Thanks, Melody

  4. Very clever girls!! WOW, what a makeover!! I've got to get some of the chalk paint and give it a try! Love your fresh new look!

  5. Okay, this is awesome!! You had a great floor at least. Love how everything--I mean everything turned out! What an inspiration! The shower curtain looks fantastic! I am your newest follower. Hope you gals can visit me sometime soon!

  6. Fantastic transformation! Check out my bathroom re-vamp that I pulled off for $90: http://envirocraftiness.blogspot.com/2011/06/90-bathroom-makeover.html

  7. It is absolutely gorgeous. Did you paint right over the tile? I want to try that. Our bathroom is awful.


  8. This looks AMAZING. I love your color choices.

  9. I love love love those signs you made, too cute!!

  10. me too - love how it turned out. starting out with a rough beamed ceiling is such a huge plus, that's gorgeous. Great idea to leave the center cupboard doors off, very fresh looking. Truly wonderful room re-do!

  11. Amazing, wonderful, very creativ , bravo :))

  12. wow. what an impressive frugal re-do.


  13. I love the blue color you used on the cabinets. The "after" is so much better & it's hard to believe you did all of that for so cheap. Way to go!

  14. I am so totally impressed! I love the vision you came up with - so different from it's original beginnings! Great work!

  15. Wow, what a great transformation.. I have never heard of counter top paint, this might be life changing! I am with you on Forest Green... ugh! Thanks so much for showing off your charming home!


  16. AWSOME! Just so happy to hear another good story about Rustolium counter paint-- I have some that I was gonna use in a rental we were in, but never did. Still have it though, in CASE we ever have ugly laminate counter tops again. In another rental but the counters are in good shape still. Drat (LOL)

    Sweet bathroom and well suited for your lovely home! Off to check out more of your site, as a matter of fact :) Gotta see how your OTHER makeovers came out.

    Visiting from Linky party at Restore Interiors!

    Smiles, Suzanne in IL

  17. I'm so impressed with your resourcefulness with paint! Tile, ceiling, cabinets, countertops AND faucets? You're a genius! Maybe it's time for me to spray my faucets too...

  18. Very nice transformation! Love the colors you selected.

    Would love to have you stop by and share at my weekly Chalk Paint Link Party!


  19. Great job!! I'm now following you from Restore Interiors. I'd love to have you follow me back =D

  20. I love that you used chalk paint! I just recently "stumbled upon" it (literally!) and am absolutely addicted to it. I love what you've done in this bathroom - I am contemplating something similar in my kitchen......

    Have you ever used chalk paint on laminate counter tops?

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. The best part of the re-do for me was that cupboard. I liked the new color-blue and all the stuff that you put on the shelf... beautiful!


  22. Absolutely amazing what paint can do! A total transformation! It looks fabulous! Nice work!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  23. So many things to comment on I don't even know where to start! I love them all!!

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