4th Of July TShirt Refashion with Ruffles!

I made these cute T's for my baby girls this week.
I have been IN LOVE with this t-shirt refashion idea since I saw them on
I modified mine a bit.  AND mine ended being great scrap busters too!
Instead of one solid strip on the top and bottom i used squares.

I started with 2 white T shirts and 20 4in by 4in squares for each shirt.
You would obviously need more for a bigger shirt.  I used the same amount for a 2t and 3t.

Cut off one sleeve off of each shirt. 
Sew 4 strips of 10 together.
Sew into a loop. 
Hem or serge one side of each.
Sew basting stich along the top of this piece. 
Gather until it fits the opening of your t-shirt.

Pin to top of shirt.

 Sew and Flip right side out.

Sew along top of shirt.  This makes your casing for the elastic.
  Stich wide enough to allow for skinny elastic. 

Repeat top steps.  Gather and pin to bottom of shirt.
 sew to the bottom of your shirt.  I cut off the hem of my tshirt.

I made my own faux shirring.  I used skinny elastic.
I attached at four points to allow for an even stretch.
Pull and sew over the elastic with a zig zag stich.
I used 2 strips on each shirt.
I also put a elastic in the bottom hem of one shirt. 
I actually liked it better without. 

Big Brother wanted in on the action for a while, but soon skipped out
on this photo shoot.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July!!


  1. Your kids are SO dang cute!! And the tops came out darling. What a fun project! ~Lori

  2. Lovely babes! Enjoy them, they grow much too fast.
    (shirts are cute too)

  3. Adorable pictures of the children AND the t shirts.


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