Sunshine Beach Tote

I made this Beach Tote from the rug below.  I got it from the Dollar Tree.
  Sorry the lighting is so bad. 
I swear its the same rug.

I also cut 2 scrap pieces out of drop cloth like the shape below 
that I sewed to the back of the rug BEFORE I cut it.  Otherwise your rug will fall apart.
I also cut two strap pieces.  I sewed the two strips of fabric to cover my large piping. 
They mesured 21/4 by 21.  Then sew each strap between the pieces in Step 3.
I sewed the bottoms of the bag just like I did HERE.

I printed off my letters.  Cut them out of felt and thin yellow flannel.
I then sewed each letter onto drop cloth and cut out.
I then hot glued them to my bag.  I also added a little bling.

Now I am ready to hit the BEACH!!


  1. very cool! Would love if you would link up to my Make it for Less mondays!!
    Hope to see you there!

  2. LOVE IT. I know I have an IKEA rag rug like that somewhere around here that we are not using.

  3. I love your blog. I am confused at how you do the lettering though.


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