Brassy to Bronze

Hello Spray Paint!!  I am in LOVE!  I have been spray painting every shiny, brassy, golden, 1980's metal fixture in our house.  The color and finish of Kylon's "Oil Rubbed Bronze" ROCKS!
Please notice the classic 1980's fixtures in our bathroom.
Also...please ignore the lovely forest green countertops and tile too. 
Consider this a sneak peek of an upcoming makeover!

My helper was too close and eager to help!  Love those sweet toes!

 Nothing can get any uglier in this bathroom.  I cleaned the faucets and dried them well. 
I then taped everything off, and began painting.  I put on 3 light coats.

I am very, very, happy to be rid of the shiny gold and silver.
I am not sure how this will hold up, but I thought it was worth a try.
I figure I can simply give it more coats if anything wears off. 
I have done several knobs in the house, and so far they are doing great.
Stay tuned for the rest of the bathroom makeover coming soon.


  1. I love the ORB too! Never in a million years would I have even thought about painting the faucets! Looks FABULOUS!

  2. Amy love the ORB look. I did that to my backdoor, sanded first and sealed with poly to protect from scratching off. Keep on spraying!

  3. I've had this on my to-do list for a while. I'm excited to try it in my guest bathroom. HubbyDoc is skeptical and doesn't want me to do it, but if I do it in the other bathroom (where he never goes), and show him the fab makeover, I'm sure I'll win his approval for OUR bathroom. Baby steps, I always say!
    Fondly, Tami

  4. Beautiful! It’s so much better than that brass...ugh! Thank goodness the shape of your faucets isn’t too turned out great!

  5. I did the same thing to my bathroom faucet a while back - turned out great & is still holding up perfectly!


  6. Love it and love Oil Rubbed Bronze!!! Please let us know how well it holds up, would be interested in doing something like this in our bathroom and with other braass fixtures!

  7. This is so cool!!! I love spray paint too. I am curious to see how it holds up to use. Thanks for sharing

  8. wow, HUGE difference for cheap, that's my kind of project! best spray paint ever, oil rubbed bronze!


  9. That's FANTASTIC! I love spray paint and now I am off to the hardware store to do my taps!

  10. Wow I can't thank you enough for posting this!!! I can't wait to try it!

  11. found you over at A bowl full of lemons, great job, I did that too, all the door handles and hinges, But if I may tell you, before you spray paint rough up the brass then get it a auto body primmer they sell it at Lowe's then do your ORB paint it will last a very long time... Great blog you have Keep on Spray Painting.....


  12. What a fantastic difference! I'm totally impressed that you painted them while still on the sink...I would've been too scared! It came out great!

  13. That looks great! Much better than the gold!!! Congrats on your features at Bella's! :)

  14. Hey girls, this is awesome. What a great transformation, I just love it. I am so curious to know how it stands up to the water, and constant wear and tear of the bathroom. I HAVE to try this out myself!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party :)
    I loved this so much, I featured you girl!
    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

    Hugs, Bella **Features from week #40** @ Bella Before and After

  15. Just curious, did this finish last?


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