Ugly Laundry Room: I have spring fever and am ready to make this room over!

Man am I sick...I have some serious cabin fever and spring fever going on at the same time!  It feels like spring...but the snow left major mud puddles EVERYWHERE!  So I can't take the kids outside yet.  Soo I am stuck inside thinking about this UGLY laundry room.

We live in the country in a log cabin that is in desperate need of some MAJOR makeovers.  Lace curtains are everywhere.

We have lovely country bumpkin wallpaper.

These large neon green balls adorned EVERY cabinet and closet doors.  Seriously....R U kidding me?

If my laudry bins weren't so FULL you could see that they are also NEON green inside, but I am just trying to keep it real.

Lets not forget to take note of the NEON GREEN countertops!!  I can't believe I have lived with it for this long.  The only thing that I have done is to replace the knobs.  I had the neon green balls for 2 yrs.  My excuse...I have been pregnant 3 out of the 4 1/2 yrs that I have live here.

The floors look ok in this pic, but they are 30 yrs old and they ARE old, cracking, splintering, and the grooves in between the wood are BIG.  They are very YELLOW too.  My husband said that they weren't done right to begin with and were really should have only been a sub-flooring.  So I have a HUGE task at hand.  The pic below is bad, but it is of the half painted ceiling.  I was trying to cover some ugly orange with some leftover paint.  I was prego with Ava and never finished.  Stay tuned and watch for the big unveiling COMING SOON.


  1. Oh wow! Who ever lived in that house before you sure loved green!

  2. Followed a link in your new cute bathroom (with painted countertops) over here to see this transformation but POOF- no AFTER photos... :( Sad Suzi. Did this project get done yet?

    Visiting from Linky party at Restore Interiors! (via another page of yours)

    Smiles, Suzanne in IL


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