Tutorial: Black Satin Flower Rosette for Military Hat

I showed you how to make the hat on my blog right here.   So Today we will make the flower. This flower is super easy to make and looks fabulouse anywhere you put it.  I just attached this with a safety pin so that it is removable if I want to wear it with something else. 

I cut several flower shapes and sizes out of black satin.  Which you can get here.60'' Wide Slipper Satin Black Fabric By The Yard.  I do all my shopping online since it is impossible to take my 3 little monsters that are 3,2, and 5 months anywhere. The largest piece was around 4x4 inches.  The smallest was about 1.5 in.

 Then melt the edges with a lighter.  Just get the flame close enough to the edges that it melts the satin.  It also makes the petals curve up nicely.  Do this to all the pieces.
 I then cut several flower shapes about the same size out of a roll of black tulle that you can get here.Tulle Spool Black By The Spool
                           I then alternated the tulle and satin flowers.  I then sewed all the layers together in the center.  You can hot glue them together, but I think a few quick stiches holds everything together better.
 I then used some of my favorite glue Beacon Gem-Tac Permanent Glue Embellish 2oz (Pack of 3).  And the best, sparkly glitter Martha Stewart 24-Vial Glitter Multi-Pack.  I used the color onyx 
                       I placed the glue right over the stiches and sprinkled with the onyx glitter.  And in a matter of                  minutes you are done.  I placed a safety pin in the back and pinned to the hat.


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