Free Pattern: Easy Fabric Envelope

 This is a very easy pattern to make.  Its quick and easy and makes a great homemade gift for a teacher or neighbor.  You can put just about anything inside.  A notebook, homemade card by the kids, candy...endless possibilities.  I started with 2 regular pieces of 8.5x11 paper.
 I folded one piece of paper in half and measured down 2.5 inches on the fold.  I used a paper plate to get my curve.  Place one side down 2.5 in. and the other lined up at the corner.
 Draw a line and cut.

 I then used my cut piece an traced onto the other sheet of paper plus 2 inches.
                                                  Once you both pieces made tape together.
                            You are all set.  Cut 2 pieces.  One from felt or a thicker fabric like canvas I used             brown canvas and the other from a Valentines cotton fabric.
 I also drew lines with chalk on my outside brown canvas to do some decorative stiching.  I measured 5.5 in. down from one end.  I also folded in half and drew lines from my 5.5 line on the outside edge to the center to make it look like a real envelope.  I then drew a line on the other end where my top fold will be which was 1 in from the end of my curve.
 Sew right sides together around edges and leave a 2-3 in opening to reverse.
 Once I reversed my envelope I ironed flat and began my decorative stiching along the lines I drew to make it look like a realy envelope.  I used a heart stich programed in my Brother Innov-is 1000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.  You can just use a zigzag or a simple straight stitch too (see example below)

I used a straight stitch along both fold lines that I drew and around both curves.  I then put a piece of velcro on the top and bottom.  Fold envelope and sew on sides.
 I cut a heart out and appliqued it to the top of my envelop where I had attached the velcro to cover my seams.
 You are ready to suprise that special someone with your crafty skills.


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