Quilt for Baby Shower

I wanted to make something fun for a friend of mine.  Olivia, my daughter, and I were going to a baby shower yesterday.  I wanted it to be bright and colorful since you get so much light pink stuff when you have a baby girl.  I used a recipe from Moda Bake Shop with a few modifications.  You can find the recipe here.

I used some hot pink super soft minky.  I cut out all the same pieces described in the recipe except that I used 4 8/12 in solid minky squares in the middle.  I also used the minky on the back.

 I used my Brother Innov-is 1000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.  I just LOVE my machine.  My hubby got it for me for my birthday and it sews like a dream.  The machine I had before served its purpose, but man it was rough.
 After I sewed the top I simply turned right sides together, and then flipped.  I didn't quilt this.  After I turned right sides out I zigzagged the edges and sewed a x in the center square and then 4 small squares on the edges to keep everything together.  I wrapped it up all pretty with a flower on top which is also a hair bow. 


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