Shopping Treasures at Paramount Antique Mall

I just had to do a little shopping today. Paramount Antique Mall is one of my favorite places to go.  Remember that magazine rack redo that I blogged about a while back.  I found it here.

This is one of my favorite booths.  They always have cool stuff.

This cabinet would be great for kids toys or cloths.  I can picture this a nice grey with labels on the front doors.  Unfortunately it is $135 and I only have $40 to spend.  son of a......

Easter Planter on SALE!!! YEAH  $3.95 is all mine!!

Large Silver water pitcher....Just add tulips!

Large bag of yo yos made out of vintage fabric $45. 

Love this bucket!

Vintage St. Paddy's day tablecloth

Wooden Cubby holder to put in a little boys room to hold all of the little treasures.  $65

This owl is saying BUY ME PLEASE!!!  LOVE IT


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