Friday, August 3, 2012

Peacock LOVE!

Remember when I did a post about Chip It?  If you missed it check it out HERE.

Here are my inspiration pics for this project.  I found this table set on craigslist.  I refinished the top, and painted and distressed the base and chairs.  I started with these colors.  I used one on each color of the chair.  I used Poseidon, Belize, Calypso, Hep Green, and Thermal Springs.

Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams for my peacock table

I am IN LOVE with peacocks lately.  I combined these two for my tabletop.  

The set is at my store, Absolute Vintage Boutique waiting to find its happy home!

Sorry about not having a link party the last few weeks.  I think I will hold off until school starts again.
Stay tuned for a big announcement that we have been working on for months!!


  1. Love Love Love! The colors are to die for as well!

  2. You did a wonderful job combining the two peacocks into one. Beautiful!

  3. I have to say...this table just has a "Very Fun" feeling!

  4. Do we have to wait till school starts for the announcement? I'm terrible at waiting for exciting news.


  5. I love those colors! Table looks great. Did you hand cut the stencil? I am also in LOVE with Chip it...... so fun

  6. Wow, that's really beautiful! I've a crush on peacocks, too! Love your job! Liz

  7. THis looks fantastic! How in the world did you transfer the design? It looks so good with the chairs and I am sur eit wil be snatched up!

  8. This is so great. I love the peacock on the table! Did you just free hand that? It looks perfect. So fun!

  9. Wow.this is awesome....very very Beautiful.
    I am visiting first time your blog and you know? i love it. perfect DIYs and fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Best Wishes.


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