Monday, May 9, 2011

"Secret" Giveaway Reveal

Now the SECRET Link party GIVEAWAY revealed! 
I hope no one had to do dishes on Mother's Day,
but if you did why not let them dry in style!!
A Dishmat from our Etsy Shop!
They come in 2 sizes, and hold 4 times their weight in water,
are machine washable, AND dry fast!!  I know you want one NOW!!
Throw out the ugly towels on the counter and use one of our
dishmats to dry your handwashed dishes or wet dishes from the dishwasher!!
They are Fun and Practical!
You can still enter to win... just link up your projects HERE!

I hope EVERYONE had a FANTASTIC Mother's Day!!!  We had a FABULOUS Day! 
My husband took me out to lunch.  He surprised me with a Mani & Pedi.  Perfect Timing!  My nails need a summer makeover!  Then we visited my Mom and Dad pictured below.

  It was pretty HOT, but we enjoyed the day outside. 
My little brother got my mom a Bocce Set.  It is a simple game that is lots of fun.

We had a blast playing in the backyard.  We played in teams trying
to get the large balls closest to the small ball.
Even Grandma rolled a few balls in the game. 
Wish I had a picture to share of that!!


  1. I would love, LOVE to win!! We don't have a dishwasher so I would use this all the time! I just linked up an apron I made for mother's day.

  2. I am following you from the weekend blog hop


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