Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come to MY HOUSE!

Have you heard about the awesome contest going on RIGHT NOW at Vintage Revivals?  You get a room makeover with the help of the SUPER talented Mandi!! 
So here are some of the places that I need a major OVERHAUL.    I live in a Log Cabin.  Some log cabins have logs on the outside and drywall on the inside.  This cabin has logs through and through.  Its very cool, but makes it a little more challenge for me to decorate.  Thats why I need this contest.  I need an expert with lots of creativity like Mandi!
Take your pick of rooms.  Remember my "ugly laundry room".  
Or remember my girl's room...I have a clean slate  ready for you, Mandi
No curtains, no carpet, blank walls?  HELP!!
AND there is also my kitchen.  Its very dark, out of date, and lots of flourescent lights!! 
We started to renovate, and took off the backsplash...we still need one.

So...I would LOVE your votes.  I have been prego 3 out of 4 years and our home has suffered.
I am ready to give it some love and attention and NEED HELP!! 
Thanks for the contest Vintage Revivals!!


  1. Those logs are cool! I am sure they present decorating challenges, but they are so cool!

  2. Ooooh very tough competition you've got there...good luck to you :)

  3. Lady!
    What a fun house! We could have soooo much flippin fun you have no idea!! Good luck and thanks for linking up!!

    Love your guts

  4. I have only looked at about 5 others, but right now I am leaning toward your house because there is so much versatility. You are giving options, and some super cool options.

  5. I can see how decorating with the logs could be difficult. I mean, how do you paint on logs? Good luck.


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